Melanie Underwood, England

‘Liffey Falls’ 5 Y-Y

June 4, 2018

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Please can you help?

The cultivar ‘Liffey Falls’ (bred by Geoff Temple-Smith, Australia) was registered in 2003 as 5 Y-Y. The image provided at registration shows yellow in the flowers as does the image on Daffseek. However, it has recently been suggested that at maturity ‘Liffey Falls’ is entirely white (described as ‘pristine white’, in fact) and that the flowers used to colour code at registration were possibly immature (not mature flowers as required – Daffodil Register page 7).

There is a proposal to re-colour code this cultivar to 5 W-W.

I am making an appeal to anyone who grows/knows ‘Liffey Falls’ to assist in the review of evidence on the colour of this cultivar at maturity. In particular, any Australian daffodil enthusiasts, including the stock holder (if possible) who have first-hand experience of ‘Liffey Falls’, to get in touch with comments – either via DaffNet or email  title=.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Melanie Underwood (International Registrar – Daffodils)

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