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‘Julia Jane’ is now registered

September 10, 2019

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I received this information today from Melanie Underwood, RHS Daffodil Registrar.  If you grow ‘Julia Jane’ or sell it, make sure you have the “real thing.”  A photo from the RHS is also included.


Narcissus romieuxii ‘Julia Jane’

‘Julia Jane’ is registered at last. This is the selection from Narcissus romieuxii from Morocco that Jim Archibald first put on the market in 1974, a pale yellow flower with a very widely expanded (petunioid) corona whose rim is more or less rolled back. Stock registered is that held by Bob and Rannveig Wallis that has been vegetatively propagated from a clone Jim Archibald gave them of the original selection.

Non-petunioid stocks going under the name of ‘Julia Jane’ seem to have been derived either from seed from the original clones or from material from the ‘Julia Jane’ site that Jim Archibald did not select for naming but issued instead as a mixed bag under collection no. JCA805.

The name ‘Julia Jane’ should, therefore, be withdrawn from non-petunioid stocks and confined to wide-spreading, roll-rimmed clones resembling that which Jim Archibald handed to the Wallises (see pictures attached).


The entry for ‘Julia Jane’ in the Twelfth Supplement (2018-2019) to the Daffodil Register 2008 will read as follows:


‘Julia Jane’ 10 Y-Y 

(J.C.Archibald, pre-1974) Robert & Rannveig Wallis, 2019

Selection from N. romieuxii of Moroccan origin

Fl. 30-36mm wide, at right angles to the stem or facing slightly upwards; perianth segments 9-12mm long, linear, acute at apex, sulphur yellow (1B/C) with slight pale mucro, spreading, plane or a little twisted, with margins somewhat recurved, smooth and of membranaceous substance, separated; corona 13-15mm long, very widely expanded, ribbed and creased, sulphur yellow (1C), with rim crenate, a little wavy and more or less strongly rolled. Dwarf. Very early.

Nomenclatural Standard: colour print supplied by Registrant (WSY0136472)


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