Privacy Policy


  1. The American Daffodil Society is committed to protecting your privacy and security.
  2. When you are asked for personal information on “Daffnet” you are sharing that information with the ADS alone unless stated otherwise.
  3. “Daffnet” member information will not be sold or exchanged with any other site, commercial or otherwise.
  4. To become a member of “Daffnet”, we require your real name and location information. Your real name, country and region will be displayed on all of your “Daffnet” posts.
  5. When you create “content” such as posts, comments, or messages, you may purposely or accidentally post personal information. Any personal information you enter as “content” is your responsibility. It is not advisable for you to enter your address, telephone numbers, or email address in your “content”.
  6. The ADS may use the information you provide for one or more of the following:

By using “Daffnet” you agree to accept the ADS Privacy Policy. The ADS may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. It is your responsibility to check the Privacy Policy regularly. You will be deemed to have accepted any amendments to the Privacy Policy if you continue to make use of the Website after a change to the Privacy Policy has been made.


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