N. ‘Bennett-Poe’

January 22, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics

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We had a local inquiry about the daffodil named ‘J. T. Bennett-Poe’ 5W-Y, from an Irish relative of Mr. Bennett-Poe. The daffodil was bred by Engleheart sometime prior to 1904. Karl Krippendorf had a healthy planting of it here in the Cincinnati area on his estate which is now part of the Cincinnati Nature Center (Cincinnati-ADS Conventioneers toured the Nature Center in 2002). Those who work at the Nature Center are not familiar with this daffodil, nor is Miggy Jacobs who does a lot of volunteer work in that planting of historic daffodils.
Hurst found a number of references to the Bennett-Poe daffodil in the writings of Elizabeth Lawrence, specifically her “The Little Bulbs: A Tale of Two Gardens” and “Lob’s Wood”.
I’m sure the relative is next going to want to find a source for this daffodil. Does anyone still have it who would be willing to share a couple bulbs? As far as we know, at least until blooming season, it is no longer in the Krippendorf garden.
Bill Lee

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One response to “N. ‘Bennett-Poe’”

  1. John Bukowski says:

    Hi Bill,
    Bennett-Poe is still available from Hancock’s. I ordered the bulb last year from them, and see it is also in the 2008 catalog. Alas, last year was my first attempt with ordering bulbs from downunder and for what ever reason (against the good advice of Jason Delaney) I did not plant the bulbs until fall. I found a couple of the varieties had succumbed to dry rot, bennett-poe was one. I know of no source in the states, but also would like to find a few bulbs.
    I may try again to turn them around from Australia, but this time put them in the ground when I get the bulbs!!
    John Bukowski Potomac, IL