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February 2, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Species

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Dear all, This is what I have collected from Catalogues Alec Greys , All available books on the subject certainly not my observations but with proof that what i have grown in the past is correct nd I do believe these notes. All white hoop petticoats except N.b.graellsii and N.romieuxii albidus come under the N.cantabricus name. All with frilly margins All with no pedicel except N.c.folious. All growing on limestone. May/June.Nz. N>c.subsp cantabricus var cantabricus. Stamens held in corona Tube and corona both inflated. Sparkling white flower 36mmdiam ahort stem5cm Petals 12mmlong 5mm wide Flowers ascending. Leaves more or less postrate dk green 1mm wide Spain. April/May. N c subsp cantabricus var folious. Very early flowering Narrow corona restricted mouth, milky whit colour, Petals 18mmlong/2mm wide Fine yellow stamens with white style just protuding. Dark brown round bulb, Leaves 3-8 narrow and erect. Morocco. I have collected bulbs. May/June N c subsp cantabricus var kesticus. Milky white corona,Pollen yellow, uneven stamens 40-43 mmdiameter with tips green. Perfumed. Leaves 2-3 green decumbent 2mm wide 22 long. High atlas mts. July/Aug N c subsp petuniodes Sparkling white nearly flat deeply crenats slightly curved back 30mm diam Style white pollen yellow Leaves green erect 1-3 per bulb North Africa. June/July N c tananicus. Trad name for N.b.Albidus. Primrose fading to whitish. Flowers 28mmdiam nearly vertical stam 8cm Unequal stamens, Style exhirted by 10mm. Green erect leaves 2-4 per bulb 1mm wide. Morocco June/July N subsp monophyllus Pure white Style white 45mm diam. Very small bulb. Leaf green prostrate 1mm wide. Morocco All for now . If anyone wants the Romieuxii page I will post it later. Please let me know if it has been any use to anyone out there. Betty Cark 106 Elizabeth St., Ashburton. 7700. New Zealand..

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