Ian Tyler, England

Yellow Stripe virus

February 21, 2008

Categories: Diseases and Pests, Virus

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Dear All, Here is an early reminder that I still need pictures of diseases of Daffodils for the database I putting together for a picture website of said diseases, I was requested to do on daffnet last year. Here is my latest picture of N. Yellow Stripe Virus which I found in one of my pots today. But we need many more, when this website is up and running it will be a great help to all in identifying most of the diseases that we all come across from time to time, especially those new to yellow fever. The data base is taking shape and also contain a page for pictures of show faults, also pests to help anyone indentify or avoid them, things like perianth crossover which is so easy to miss if you have never seen it before, and you don’t have to be a new exhibitor to do that! Plus pests like Large Narcissus Fly, once seen never to be forgotten. So please let me have your pictures, one or two of you promised me pictures last year but they never arrived, don’t be shy. I will unless you wish to remain anonymous, credit each picture with the name of the taker. My best wishes and thanks to All,

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