ADS bereavement notification

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Friends, regrettably, I report the death of Betsy G Myers, an ADS AJ and a member since MAR 1974.  Appreciation is expressed to ADS member Ross Hotchkiss, in Richmond, VA, for his willingness to follow up on my appeal, for his assistance, to get a correct address on Betsy.  I had a recent order for the new DTSG via the webstore, which showed a different address than the one we had in our membership data base.  Betsy Myers lived in OH and the shipping address on the webstore order indicated a Richmond, VA address.  Ross found out that Betsy had moved to Richmond, to live with her son and daughter in law.  I’m sure the daughter in law was most impressed that the ADS had dispatched an emissary to check up on the situation on 19 MAR, as Betsy had passed away on 18 MAR.  Thank you, Ross, for handling this unusual and surprising situation with such grace.  I know you represented ADS well.  Friends, I didn’t know Betsy but I’m confident many of you did and might want to express your sympathies to the family.  The daughter in law’s first name is Lynn, (Ross, maybe you can watch for the obit and give us the son’s first name) and the address is 1516 Ednam Forest Dr, Richmond, VA  23238.  I am sending a card of condolence, on behalf of ADS, as I always do, to the family of deceased ADS members. 


Jaydee Atkins Ager

Executive Director

American Daffodil Society, Inc.

PO Box 522

Hawkinsville, GA  31036  USA