Daily Archives: March 14, 2008

Carpathian Wonder

March 14, 2008

Mark– Beautiful job on that ‘Carpathian Wonder’!   I did a book review of his book last summer for a bulb publication–the man is phenomenal. Despite the fact I can’t…

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working definition of frustration

–random spotting on the morning before your show– in the distance, in the far bed, a beautiful bloom—it might be ‘Conestoga’–it IS ‘Conestoga’–with absolutely perfect petals, all seven of them…

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Inca, Pledge,Little Beauty

  Thanks to everyone who contacted me this week regarding Inca, Pledge and Little Beauty. It’s very much appreciated. Here’s a late Crocus ex Janis Ruksans. C. vernus ‘Carpathian Wonder’…

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