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FW: Photographs required for daffodil calendar

March 31, 2008

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Friends, as the Executive Director, I received this via the ADS website. I am forwarding it, FYI, for you to respond direct to the person making the inquiry, if you have interest
Jaydee Atkins Ager Executive Director American Daffodil Society, Inc. www.daffodilusa.org www.daffodilusastore.org www.daffseek.org PO Box 522 Hawkinsville, GA 31036 USA
—–Original Message—– From:  title= [mailto: title=] Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 9:00 AM To:  title= Subject: Photographs required for daffodil calendar
I am considering publishing a Daffodils calendar. Several growers and individuals have offered photographs of their plants for possible inclusion
and I wondered if any of your members who take photographs of their plants,
might be interested in having their plants featured.
At the moment, the format of the calendar would be an A5 Desk version featuring upright or square shapeed images inside and a landscape shape or shapes on the cover.
Perhaps, you might consider putting this request into a members’ newsletter,
or similar.And if you personally have any such photographs, I’d like to see them of course.
Photographs, in digital format, (JPEG) should be at least 500 kilobytes in size. Subject matter can vary considrable from daffodils in the wild, to prize- winning blooms, or even mass municiple plantings. Landscape shape Images that can also be cropped to portrait shape.
are preferred. Please do not email more than 5 megabytes of files per email.
Where large numbers are being offered, these should be provided on a cd.An
address will be provided on request.
All photographs sent in must be originated by that photographer and by submitting them, giver permission for their possible inclusion. The photographs would not be used for any other purpose. Photos selected will be credited to the photographer. All images should bear the full Latin name of
the plant and variety where appropriate.
Unlike commerical calendars that print thousands of copies, this would be just a few hundred as a lover of daffodils myself. I currently publish a similar calendar for Galanthophiles like myself.
I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
Kind Regards
W Michael Edwards
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