Historic daffodils help: Verger

March 13, 2008

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Here are two photos of Verger as I grow it here in Livermore, CA.  The bulbs were bought at the local nursery, Alden Lane, which provides the venue for our first NCDS show each year.  It grows well and multiplies even with year-round moisture in our hot climate: my clump of it is in a margin of a watered bed.

At 05:14 PM 3/12/2008, Rimmer de Vries wrote:

Does anyone grow these historic daffodils or have photos of these historics?

Aflame 1938 3WYOO
April Queen 1938 2WYYO
Daphne 1914 4WW
Easter Moon 1954 2WGWW
Green Howard 1944 3WGYY
Horace 1894 9WGOR
Horn of Plenty 1947 5WW
Louise de Coligny 1940 2WYYP
Margaret Mitchell 1943 3WYYR
Marjorie Hine 1943 2WYYO
Gloriosus 1883 8WO
Green Island 1938 2WGWY
Verger 1930 3WR


Rimmer deVries


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