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March 20, 2008

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The winning entry of the Quinn collection of 24 blooms from at least 5 divisions was by Kirby Fong. The blooms are: Dan du Plessis 8Y-O, Antipode 2W-P, Banker 2Y-O, Nimbin 2W-P, Goldhanger 2Y-Y, Lakeland Fair 2W-GPP, Godsend 1W-W, Magic Sunset 2Y-P, Creation 1W-W, Copper Sheen 2O-R, Grand Prime 8W-Y, Karigal 11aY-O, Rangitata 1Y-O, Manuka 4W-Y, National Treasurer 2Y-Y, Denali 1W-W, Burravoe 1Y-WWY, David Adams 2W-GWW, Met Girl 3W-YYR, Billy the Kid 2Y-Y, Good Fishing 2W-YOO, Tri Angeles 11aY-P, Muster 4W-O, and Backchat 6Y-Y. The bloom of Banker, the third from left in the top row, was the winner of the gold ribbon.
John Castor Livermore, CA

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