Murphys Havens collection

March 25, 2008

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Here is a photo of the Havens collection from the Murphys show
March 15-16, exhibited by Bob Spotts. This collection is for 12
cultivars representing three or more of divisions 5-10, one stem each.

Bob gives the IDs as:
Top row:

#8-2-106  7W-Y,  #8-2-105  8W-Y  Matador x Festivity,  Fancy That  8Y-O,  #8-2-80  8W-Y; 

Middle row:

#8-2-107  6Y-O Backchat x Rufus, #8-2-51 7Y-Y, #8-2-37  8Y-O Matador x N. scaberulus, Quail  7Y-Y; 

Bottom row:

Kokopelli 7Y-Y, Katrina Rea  6W-WOO, #8-2-76  8W-Y Matador x N. triandrus, Little Soldier  10Y-Y;
John Castor Livermore, CA

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