UK Railway Stations

March 20, 2008

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Landscapes and Naturalized Daffodils

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Hi Loyce,
I don’t always see eye to eye with James Akers, but in this instance I support his views. For many years our rural railway stations – please note we do not use the word railroad, it’s not ENGLISH, have been decorated by having gardens created on the platforms. This was all done by voluntary labour, often the station staff themselves, and very proud of them they were. The stations within a region would compete against each other for the best kept gardens and competition was very fierce. The plantings included all types of flowers, inevitably including daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs for an early display.
Inevitably due to the reduction in staffing levels which has meant that local stations are now unmanned, the station gardens have declined or vanished entirely.I am pleased to be able to report that our local station at Cantley is now being looked after by a group of volunteers and replanting is taking place. Part of this replanting next autumn will include some of my daffodil stocks so that others can enjoy them. So PLEASE DO NOT knock our stations.

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