Ian Tyler, England

Yellow Fever!

March 21, 2008

Category: General

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Dear Jim, I must applaud your efforts for one so new to this daffodil affliction, sufferers have also been reported to have spasms of the vocal cords with involuntary sounds of Pwarh, Coooor, WOW and Whoopee associated with the breathless and also a weakening of knees. This in conjunction with alcoholic beverage has leads to some of our friend in the southern hemisphere claiming that all things down under are bigger and better than here in the northern half. This of course is incorrect, as I know all the best daffodil grow here in the UK, but I’m assured that this is only a Southern hemisphere symptom. Please rest assured that my surgery is always open to fellow sufferers, but I would ask that you bring an example of any medication that you are on for diagnostic reasons only!
Wishing you a speedy recovery,

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