Tom Stettner, Ohio

ADS National Show White Ribbon – Sugar Rose

April 12, 2008

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This is the first time I’ve come in contact with this cultivar. WOW!, what a beauty!.. This is a large, very Rosey Red colored short cupped Div 6. John Pearson has done yet another great job in this hybrid. I just realized that I didn’t write down the winner of this ribbon. This was taken out of the Tuggle award of 12 different 3 stem vases.

2 responses to “ADS National Show White Ribbon – Sugar Rose”

  1. David Liedlich says:


    You are right – that is an outstanding flower.  Thanks for posting.  Now, I wonder if any of these bulbs are available anywhere!

    Dave Liedlich

  2. Phyllis Hess says:

    The flowers were Rod Armstrong’s; Naomi Liggett; Betty Kealiher; Tag Bourne and I were able to stop by his farm in Virginia on the way home. We saw a LARGE clump of Sugar Rose and one of the most beautiful settings ever!!! We wondered why he wouldn’t stay there most of summer and return to Texas in winter! Thanks Rod for letting us visit your farm; loved the horses too; and that is one of the most picturesque rivers ever! Phyllis Hess