Blooming today in Connecticut

April 2, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Growing Daffodils, Standards

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Verschickt: Mi., 2. Apr. 2008, 22:49
Thema: Re: [daffnet] Blooming today in Connecticut

Dear Dave,
I’m only a daffy novice, but these are the daffodils I have planted and the calendar weeks they first started blooming:
Tete-a-tete week 8, Topolino week 9, N. obvallaris 9 and 10, RES 10 and Arctic Gold week 12.  I still have Standard Value growing stiff leaves, they should be blooming in about three weeks.  At any rate, I had planted the different types of daffodils to come out one after another, which they are doing just nicely.
Glad to help.
Best regards,

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