Phyllis Hess, Ohio

Virginia tornadoes

April 28, 2008

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We are praying all our Virginia friends were spared from the storms. Our thoughts are with those who were not.

Phyllis Hess

3 responses to “Virginia tornadoes”

  1. Ceci Brown says:
    report from virginia… areas in suffolk, colonial heights and brunswick were hit hard.
    here in Gloucester we had rain and electricity was off for several hours.  Fortunately,
    no damage for me.
    Thanks for your prayers.
    Ceci Brown
    Growing Daffodils in Gloucester, Virginia, USA
  2. Chriss Rainey says:

    Phyllis and all,
    We, Scott Bally, Spencer and I drove home from Nantucket yesterday in a “toad strangling rain” all the way from Hyannis to the Delaware River Bridge. 
    But we were really shocked to finally get home and turn on the news to discover much worse weather had hit the southern area of our home state.  I suppose we were really very lucky rain was all we had to deal with. 
    Bea and Ted Snazelle flew home from the island.  I haven’t heard from them how their trip went, but I hope they have made it home safely. 
    Chriss Rainey
    P.S.  Nantucket’s weather for the weekend was positively gorgeous. 

  3. Ceci Brown says:
    Update on the tornadoes in Suffolk, Virginia, about an hour from Gloucester and about 45-60 minutes from Norfolk in Southside Virginia ( south of the James River).
    the tornado hit hard in the area of Driver and golf course community completely destroying homes…the home owners are able to return today to check their homes.  yesterday they were searching for trapped people…the pictures on the local news has been horrible.
    On monday, there was a wide spread power outs lasting from 3 to 4 hours.