Ethel Smith, Minnesota

Interesting discussion threads

June 6, 2008

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Wow! We daffodillians are really a diverse and entertaining bunch, aren’t we! Just as I was getting tired of reading the cow-pat discussions, you guys made me laugh so hard, with your various comments — I think Brian Duncan said it best  “You just never know what will set them off.” 
But I must agree with Larry Force 


To all New Zealand and Australia daffodil growers. Hurry up and get those daffodils blooming. The daffodil growers in North America are having daffodil withdrawal symptoms. You are our only hope. We are in desperate need of real daffodil discussion. The proof is in the patties. Hurry!

Ethel Smith in MN, where a few daffodils are STILL in bloom, in spite of 1″ rain plus quarter & nickel-size hail yesterday and lots of wind today! Dirty and unfocused, but blooming! in June!

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  1. Ethel Smith, Minnesota Ethel Smith says:

    Here’s Fragrant Rose, still hanging on, slightly bent down and in need of a face wash but still beautiful! Ethel Smith