more Cow pats

June 5, 2008

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Ok, here goes!  I am going to tell a story on myself which should raise an eyebrow or two.  When I was a child, my parents took us frequently to mom’s parents home.  We were let loose on the farm and got into everything.  I was a city girl but one of my favorite adventures was to step in a fresh one, have it ooze between my toes and then run for the creek to wash it off in the sand at the bottom.  How disgusting!  I can’t believe I really did that.  I can’t even imagine how badly I smelled.
Then there were the hog nosed snakes, turtle races and ruining my grandfather’s haystack, but I don’t want to completly ruin my image.
Donna – Who has, fortunately, grown up since then.

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  1. Bill Lee says:

    In a message dated 6/5/2008 6:55:03 PM Eastern Standard Time,  title= writes:

    Donna – Who has, fortunately, grown up since then.

    But not TOO much, fortunately. Bill Lee

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