Graham Fleming, Australia

Flowering in Canberra now – Part 1A

July 15, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Intermediates, Miniatures

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Hi If you were wondering what happened to Part 1 it was because I attached too many photos and my post got bounced. It has been unusually warm in Canberra this winter even though the last week was quite cold and there was snow in the mountains to the west of Canberra. This has meant that some of our miniatures are flowering particularly early. The last really early season was in 1991. This means that you get to see some of our miniatures much earlier than normal. M means miniature, I means intermediate and MM means micro miniature. The intermediates are too big to be miniatures although they are probably the same size as those in areas stems grow tall because of the light conditions. This was meant to be the first group of photos. I hope you enjoy them. Kind regards Graham

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