Graham Fleming, Australia

Flowering in Canberra now – Part 1B

July 15, 2008

Categories: Hybridizing, Seedling

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Hi KB-MM-1W-W-1-08 is from our wet program and is unusual because it multiplies readily. It is what could be termed a hybridisers delight. KB-M-6W-Y-1-08 is also unusual because it is a dry program cyclamineus look-a-like other than in relation to colour that is of the highest exhibition quality with its superb petal overlap. Kind regards Graham

2 responses to “Flowering in Canberra now – Part 1B”

  1. Margaret Seconi, New Zealand Margaret Seconi says:

    Hello Graham could you explain the difference between your ‘wet programme’ and ‘dry programme’ please. regards Margaret Seconi (here in Wellington NZ where my first potted miniature is out a month early along with a tulip and hyacinths growing in a sheltered garden)!!!

  2. Graham Fleming says:

    Margaret Our wet program is for miniature daffodil bulbs that like to be kept moist all year. They live in our shadehouse and are kept moist all year. These are essentially the growing conditions required for N. Cyclamineus and N. Moschatus. Our dry program is for bulbs that like it dry in summer. They live in the open at the farm and don’t get watered in summer time (it doesn’t rain much here in summer either). Most of the bulbs bred by Keira Bulbs that are in commerce are from our dry program rather than our wet program. Essentially, the skills required to grow the wet program hybrids are much greater than those for our dry program. Kind regards Graham