Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland

The First Daffodil of the season

August 30, 2008

Categories: Hybridizing, Seedling

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The first flower open on the same day as the last! This is a N. b. riffanus seedling – any wonder riffanus is often known as The Stargazer!?
And a sunny welcome for NIDG visitors to-morrow morning, a coffee stop en route to the famous Lissadell of ‘Mite’ fame.
Brian Duncan

3 responses to “The First Daffodil of the season”

  1. Denis Dailey says:

    St.Paul, Minnesota, is not only the site of this year’s Republican National Convention, it is also the site of Minnesota’s annual State Fair. I have heard it vies with Texas as being the nation’s largest (attendance getter) and presumably it does have the largest number of contestants in events being judged. (livestock, poultry, grain, vegetables, fruits, flowers, arts and handicrafts, canning and baking.) One of my friends is a baking judge and was shocked when a lady brought in an entry for ethnic baking (Great Brittan) consisting of a pie with four fish heads sticking up from the crust (eyes included). I first encountered this entre in Mousehole, Corwall, where it presumably was invented and found it quite tasty. The reason for this discourse in reference to N.b.riffanus? The pub in Corwall called the dish Stargazy Pie. Denis Dailey

  2. Phyllis Hess says:

    Question about the State Fair tho, I remember one year when Ohio State Fairgoers beat Texas for the largest number of attendees at a State Fair. Not sure where we stand now tho. Phyllis

  3. Chriss Rainey says:

    Dear Denis,
    You can be sure the judges and exhibitors at the Pie Eater’s Show in Reston, Virginia will NOT be eating any Stargazy next spring.
    Chriss Rainey