Day: September 24, 2008

Unknown 3

Hello Juan This is a picture of Southern Queen. Opens with a nice bright yellow cup fading to almost white. Looks somewhat like your unknown daffodil 3. Carlos  

Fw: Unknown Daffodil I

    Hello Juan Here a picture of Stradivarius, This might be your unknown daffodil 1 It is bred by the same breeder as Ice Follies, blooms a week later but what I remember the perianth does not start that creamy.…

Old House Gazette snippet

Just thought this interesting; hadn’t heard of commercial daffodil growers in Illinois before…     That Was Then: Picking Daffodils for a Nickel In a fascinating article titled “Daffodils, Pears, Melons, and More” in the spring 2007 issue of The…