Noeline and Donald McLaren, New Zealand

Balclutha Show

September 19, 2008

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The Balclutha Gardening Club held their spring show yesterday and despite it being a week earlier than normal, it was well supported.
The Premier for the Intermediate Section was won by Sue Bound of Balclutha who is becoming very keen on daffodils and growing some lovely flowers which is obvious by the photo attached of the 2YR and its proud exhibitor. Can you confirm its name please? Sue believes it is either Cameo Baron or Red Alert. Red Alert tends to grow quite ribbed in the perianth here, but I’m sure someone can identify it accurately. The pic of the 2YY is a seedling I have grown and is consistently yielding very showable flowers. It gained the overall premier.
You may be interested to know the results of a competition I ran with a display. There were three flowers labelled A, B and C and people had to guess what was wrong with them – the first correct answer drawn won.
Louise really made me smile with her answer ‘Daffodil starts with ‘D’ which is right of course but ….. Jessica said there was nothing wrong with them – it’s a trick question! Reaben and Leeane both put too much/too little water/sun. Gladys thought they were all past their best, but as I am too, I couldn’t give that one the prize!! The winner was Jim Kelleher of Balclutha who was a great recipient as he is becoming very keen on daffs – the prize being 5 daffodil bulbs to total value of $50. The correct answer was: A – 8 petals B – hole in the trumpet (#@*** bumble bee!) C – chunk out of a petal What amazed me was that what I thought was the most obvious, that is the flower with 8 petals, was only picked up on by two people!! I thought that was obvious but clearly not!!
Cheers Noeline McLaren Balclutha, NZ

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