Champion Bloom Titahi Bay

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Hi Daffnetters
I did not expect such  debate but I’ll clarify the situation.
The show is a small Horticultural Society Show which is struggling to survive as older members move on or sell their garden sections. We have one N.D.S class in the Daffodil section but the rest are local show entries .The Open section is usually entered by N.D.S. members. This situation would rarely occur but on this occation the bloom was worthy and the award is encouraging locals to come to our National Show this weekend to see what should really be done.It has encouraged debate of the nicest variety here and the winner worked very hard for the show. She set up, dismantelled, stewarded and took her turn on the sales table all weekend. (Which is more than I did) For her it was ‘The icing on the cake’.
Thanks for your interest
Margaret Seconi (who is about to go to the Hutt to set up our National Show).