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ADS Data Banks and other orders for ADS books, supplies, etc.

October 1, 2008

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  • Friends, I am taking orders for our ADS Throckmorton Daffodil Data Bank printout.  The price will be the same as it has been in recent years:  $35.00.  This price will include the cost of shipping in the US.  The Data Bank has a limited season of availability (DEC-APR by advance order).  International orders should inquire with the ADS ED for the additional cost of shipping, prior to placing an order.  If you will be at the ADS Fall Board Meeting (FBM) in Nashville, I would like to deliver as many Data Banks as possible there, so as to avoid shipping related costs for ADS.


  • I am driving to Nashville and plan to bring a “rolling store” of ADS goods.  It would be helpful if you would think of your show needs and place your orders with me now, and I will have them pre-packed and invoiced, ready to place in your hands at the FBM.  If you aren’t attending, but a friend from your area is, and they are driving, perhaps you can make arrangements for them to pick up your order.  And if you are flying, I believe most would be able to handle transporting your order in your luggage.  I will have a table set up, peddling our ADS wares, and that is also where I will have your pre-packed and pre-invoiced advance orders ready for you to retrieve.  Cut off date to send orders to me, to be picked up at the FBM, will be OCT 25th.   At the ADS sales table, I will have a variety of items for your “impulse purchases”.  There will also be some great bargains from the vaults of ADS. 


  • The long awaited RHS Registers should arrive in the next couple of weeks, and I plan to distribute as many of those as possible at the FBM.  These were available by pre-paid special order, but an additional three copies may be available when all the pre-paid orders are filled.  The cost of the Register is $78.  Let me know if you would like one.


  • The 08-09 RHS Yearbooks and Supplements are expected in the coming weeks.  I’m not sure if I will have those in time for distribution at the FBM.  If I do, I will bring them.  Those of you that have standing orders for this annual publication set from the RHS, don’t need to respond.  The price this year will be same as last year, $36. 


Jaydee Atkins Ager

Executive Director

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