Clay Higgins, New Jersey

Daffodils and Survivor Gabon

October 1, 2008

Category: General

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I saw it too, last night.  Just my take was that they were showing a picture and if you can think about it, having a daffodil bloom right in front of your eyes is a sight to behold, regardless of the jungle.
if you have stereo vision, you may have noted that while the daffodil was blooming on the left part of the screen, there was another flower blooming on the right. I did not recognize that flower even if it looked familiar.
I have to think that its’ Hollywood, and not an attempt to protray daffodils blooming in the jungle.  Actually, I think the writers of that Survivor shows are city people that were born, raised, and grew up in the asphalt jungle living in appartments all their lives and to them the outdoors -anywhere, is a foreign planet.  I just can’t see the attraction and personally seen better contests on Redondo Beach when I lived there.
Smile – that was my way of humor. 🙂

Clay Higgins

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