Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee

FBM costumes

November 5, 2008

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Ceci got ‘Merlin’ right for Richard Ezell and that Brian had DAFFODIL BULBS in his bag. For $5 each you could grab a (bagged and named, of course) bulb from Santa’s bag. I believe Brian donated the funds to ADS. What a Santa! Delia Bankhead also became Santa at the Saturday night banquet (sans the costume) with a similar arrangement!
‘Rabbit’s Foot’ or ‘Playboy’ were both good guesses for Chriss’ costume (and one is close) and so was a ‘Pink Easter’ guess from Naomi, but none of those are correct. To understand the connection myself, I had to look up an old movie in which James Stewart had an invisible friend (hint).

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  1. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews says:

    And Chriss Rainey was ‘Pukka’. A Pukka (or pookah) is a ghost creature. The ghost rabbit Harvey was referred to as one in the Jimmy Stewart movie. Pukka also means genuine or first-class.
    I think I’ve revealed all the ones I’ve posted. Thanks for playing! ;-> Becky