Keith Kridler, Texas

n. Papyrus

December 22, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Species, Standards, Winter Blooming Daffodils

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Some of these have been blooming since the middle of November. There is a mixture of paper whites in this area and you can see some Grand Primo just breaking ground in the front right hand corner of this photo. This was shot yesterday afternoon. We picked and gave away about 200 stems to the Cancer Center last week.
It has been freezing all night and two hours before sunrise it is 25*F or -4*C. It has been several years since I have found seed set on any of the tazettas. I expect that the Israeli paper whites down in our lower fields will have the stems frozen off just above ground level. Wednesday through Friday this past week we were in the middle 70’s*F or 24*C and the bloom stalks were REALLY growing fast. The scent was really powerful on the sunny warm days. Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

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