Lesley Ramsay, New Zealand

Christmas in New Zealand

December 27, 2008

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Hello All,


Daffnet is very quiet at present so during our lunch break thought I’d write my usual report on how we spend our Summer.


Most sensible New Zealanders head for the beaches, lakes and mountains for their summer holidays.  Or play golf, water ski, fish or relax quietly with a fine Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.  Not us, for the past 40 plus years we have lifted daffs in our hottest weather!  Today it is 27 degreesC which is about as hot as it gets here.  Lunch is very welcome – at least we have a pool for cooling off.  Our children and now grandchildren no longer think Peter is funny when he suggests that we throw some sand around the pool and pretend it’s the beach!


Our lifting is going well although very slowly.  We are currently lifting six year old “last chance” seedlings and must be cautious not to disturb the small stakes on which our selections are marked.  The good news is that the bulbs are large and firm and the soil is very friable.  We have also lifted last year’s imports almost all of which are US raised and were gifts from our US visitors who stayed with us in Convention Year .  There were no losses and all are of flowering size – so thanks Nancy, Ben and Kirby – we await the flowering of National Treasure, Mountain Brook, Smooth Silk, Pacific Rim etc with great anticipation.  This year’s imports are coming through the ground at present and are also looking good. 


Well, the call to eat has come – all the best to everyone.




Peter and Lesley


PS The sun has disappeared behind light cloud more good news.

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