Lesley Ramsay, New Zealand

Santa is close

December 24, 2008

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Hello Everyone



New Zealand does not lead the world in many things but we are the first ( thanks to Greenwich Mean Time) to see the sun rise on the World.  So very soon Santa will  arrive for our grandies who will explore their Xmas bags (used to be stockings in our day) to see what goodies have been left for them.  Then onto the presents under the Tree where more adventures lie.  It will be a 6.00am beginning as the littlies (age 9 and 17!!!!) will not be able to wait.


So, it is time for us to wish all our Daffodil friends not only the BEST WISHES for Xmas and the year ahead but our THANKS for being our friends.  We will see some of you in Chicago (we are booked and have paid our fares before the $NZ declines even further) and others at our Local Shows. For those in UK, AustraliaHolland and elsewhere all the best – hope to see you soon.  And Special Thanks to Narcissus who binds us all together.


Lesley and Peter  

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