Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland

Provoking envy?

December 24, 2008

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Several years ago Mary Lou sent me a few bulbs of ‘Fyno’ 10W-W saying it just increased like a rabbit but it didn’t flower. Just recently she again complained on Daffnet about ‘Fyno’ being a sparse bloomer. Well, she must have sent them to a good home – and these pictures are just to make her envious – I have 50-60 blooms on the little stock flowering just now. With our poor light, allcloudy and dull for weeks the stems are a bit etiolated and need staking. The flowers are a little crepy in apearance and may not appeal to show judges – but they are most welcome at this time of year.

2 responses to “Provoking envy?”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    When ya got it . . . .flaunt it!  🙂  I thought I’d sent Brian all my tiny little bulbs of ‘Fyno’, but found I’d missed one.  So now I have a pot of foliage again, but only 2 blooms.   I’m glad it does well for someone! 🙂
    Mary Lou

  2. George Dorner says:

    Brian, Mary Lou, et al:

    A few years ago, Robert Darling showed a photo of Fyno in the national show which I thought was one of the more artistic and attractive daff photos I had seen. I wish he would post it for us all.

    BTW, be thinking about photos for the national show in Chicago.