Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee

Why are first year blooms legal?

December 14, 2008

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Should we outlaw first year down bulb flowers being entered in shows? Just kidding! Though I’ve always been told that flower was already there when I planted the bulb and who knows what conditions it was grown under! ;->
I agree we need to be flexible and enjoy the flowers. Some people have to go to so many extremes to grow their daffs; others are luckier to be living in better climates, so it is certainly not an even playing field.
I spotted lots of buds on ‘Julia Jane’ today, which often blooms here with gorgeous flowers frosted with ice. Lots of foliage is up on bulbocodiums, jonquils, and tazettas. Some will make it to blooming, some will not. Many will freeze and start again in the spring. Last year I planted some tazettas in a block to accommodate a cold frame, hoping to see more blooms from them. We’ll see!
Yesterday saw a 45F high, 24 low, today reached the mid 50’s and the low will be 51, tomorrow’s prediction is for high mid-50’s down to freezing tomorrow night.
Becky Fox Matthews that daffy girl near Nashville

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