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Bonus daffodil references: What would, or did, Mary Lou say?

January 23, 2009

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Out the window is an expanse of white which has been there for a week or more. What is a small lake looks like a flat, snowy plain. And this weekend is projected as possibly the coldest of the winter. Some of the potted bulbs that I put in new places as an experiment are frozen hard.
Nonetheless I will give a talk on daffodils on Sunday, a day which will likely be overcast, cold, and with possibilities of precipitation. This is part of a nice series at the Chicago Botanic Garden which was put together by the folks we have worked with there to bring you the ADS Convention and Show at the end of April. (See )
The occasion is The American Flower Show Series, in which garden clubs like the Midwest Daffodil Society were asked to provide a presentation on a Sunday afternoon. (see
So I looked at the slide shows and talk material I have used in the past and decided it needed spiffing up. To get some ideas I looked at a few of the columns that Mary Lou Gripshover wrote for the website There is some really good information there and some personal comments about our hobby and our favorite flower. But once material like this is posted, it may get lost, so, after purloining a few ideas, I decided to make this material more accessible.
The result may be found by clicking on if you want to read from your browser,
and if you want a PDF copy downloaded.
Both are “clickable” to take you to the online articles. I have reorganized the articles roughly by topic.
If you spot errors or broken links or have further suggestions, drop me a note. Meanwhile, in this dead-of-winter time before yellow flowers and their friends poke their heads out, you may enjoy reading What Mary Lou Said.

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P.S. I really enjoyed the four articles describing Mary Lou’s walk through her garden in daffodil season. I restructured my talk to encompass a virtual daffodil year: what I wish it would be.

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