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Re: Great public relations for the daffodil and the ADS!

January 23, 2009

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I meant to send this out to all daffnet and it only went to Loyce.
Susan and Charles Appel are members of the Gloucester and the Northeast North Carolina Daffodil Society (NENCDS).  She won the best in show at NENCDS in 2008 and has accepted the position as Awards Chairman on the show committee for 2009 at NENCDS.  She is very excited about daffodils, a strong shower and is used my NENCDS and Richmond to give presentations on how a new shower can start a winning daffodil collection.
With Susan showing at the NENCDS show, I don’t have to worry about having quality daffodils, I just need to worry about if I am going to win a blue ribbon. Because we know that she will win her share.
Congratulations Susan and Charles for all your work and excitement about daffodils.

Clay Higgins

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If you happen to see, or can find, a copy of Country Gardens, Early Spring 2009,  you need to read a wonderful article titled
“Best in Show”
It’s a picture-filled eight pages about Susan and Charles Appel’s garden in the Gloucester,
Virginia area, and their interest, and that of their son Michael, in growing and showing daffodils.
Great story, beautiful picture, good choice of daffodils, excellent photography, very accurate cultural information about daffodils, and also how to exhibit them, and a whole page about the ADS and about all the shows in the Middle Atlantic region.
Every area of the country should be so lucky as to have such an article appear just at this
time of year, about a garden and daffodil growers in their area.

Loyce McKenzie

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