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Thanks and New Resources available

January 31, 2009

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I've just been catching up with a lot of Daffnet posts, so thanks to everyone who has posted lately, whether it's your first post or your some-odd-hundredth one!  It is such an enjoyable diversion so see and read about flowers all over the world. 

Ron, I love the poem! 

Kathy and Jan, thanks for the links to Keukenhof photos.  Having been there last spring on the World Tour, I loved seeing the additional photos.

Nancy M from Knoxville area, thanks for sharing your interest and enjoyment of Daffnet.  (The Nashville show is April 4 & 5 and we'd love to see you here!)

Bill and Barbara from TX, Brian , Mary Lou, Drew, Michael Berrigan, John Mclennan, thanks to all who post, and for those who don't, we hope you're enjoying being a part of Daffnet, too!  We also hope you might be tempted to visit a local show this year or even join us at the national convention in Chicago!  It is so much fun when the names on daffnet become true friends!

Donna, thanks for being an instigator! ;->

OK, now for a bit of news: 

Nancy has posted a new version of the daffodil flower dissection instructions in a PDF file that includes color photos on the ADS website here:

Look under  Youth & Education Daffodil Projects and Award
for this file:
Daffodil Dissection Guide with Photos & Terms “Inner Secrets Revealed”

The original article
with text only was printed in the March 2008 Daffodil Journal; this updated version includes color photos.  This is a fun science botany activity I’ve had a lot of fun leading with students from K-8th grade when daffodils are in bloom.  Slightly wilted flowers (trumpet or large cup preferred for size) after a daffodil show work fine or I pick landscape ones from my yard.  (Of course, a similar activity can be done with other types of flowers.)

These files can be downloaded from the same section of the website and are meant to use with the flower dissection activity.

If you haven’t visited the Reference page of the ADS website lately, please do!  There is a treasure trove of daffodil resources there for everyone!

Becky Fox Matthews
that daffy girl near Nashville
32ºF, but sunny–I’m heading outside!

--  Becky Fox Matthews Educator/Special Projects Manager Adventure Science Center
2nd Vice President American Daffodil Society 

One response to “Thanks and New Resources available”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    Thanks to Becky and Nancy for posting the newest version of a daffodil flower dissection.  If you’ve never done this with a class or Scout group, give it a try.  Becky’s directions are great.  I did this with a class of 4th graders awhile ago, and one girl asked what that “white stuff” was inside the stem.  I didn’t know, but asked Ted Snazelle who replied that it was “mostly parenchyma cells that largely have a fill up the space function.”  So I learned something, and passed the information on the girl’s teacher.
    And do check the References page on from time to time.  There are always new things being added.  Links to daffodil books that have been digitized, as well as links to research articles, from “Pickling Daffodils” to’s long list of narcissus-related research.  Thanks, Nancy, for posting all these things.
    Mary Lou