Keith Kridler, Texas

another nitrogen picture

February 23, 2009

Categories: Bulb Information, Fertilizing, Growing Daffodils, Soil

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Last shot of daffodil foliage but again the blue Pepsi can is where there was no added nitrogen and you can see how much wider and darker green the foliage is that had a handful of 33% nitrogen applied to the Golden Dawn about a month or more ago.
I am NOT saying to go out and start throwing out fertilizer on your daffodil bulbs but you “might” want to get a soil test done where you are growing them:-))
Ammonium Nitrate is 33% nitrogen but no one is selling this in bags to home owners.
The fertilizer companies are BLENDING 46% Urea with 21% Ammonium Sulfate in a 50% mix to get the more common 33% nitrogen label. BUT each of these two types of nitrogen react differently with the soil bacteria and you also get sulfur in this mix. Read the labels carefully. Keith Kridler

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