Keith Kridler, Texas

PH chart

February 23, 2009

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Soil

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OK check out the chart and you will see one of the reasons my daffodils are growing pitifully across the creek is that at 4.5 PH that EVEN IF you have wonderful levels of plant nutrients that my acid soils create tight bonds with the nutrients and do NOT allow them to break apart so that plants can use them.
Think of plant nutrients as necessary vitamins and nutrients for a growing human baby. What happens when humans are deprived of so many essential vitamins and minerals….
MOST of our daffodil growers in the Texas Daffodil Society are west of me and THEY have problems with soils that are Strongly Alkaline. They often have PH levels of 7.5 <8.5 and again the PH of the soils will tie up essential plant nutrients.
My area of the USA was the bottom of an ocean for millions of years. While Oregon and Washington have had volcanic ash dumped on them for millions of years. Their soils are relatively recently ground up mountain rock.
Anyway you can search on how to use these PH charts for growing all sorts of plant varieties. Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas

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