Daffnet – The Beginning

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My recollections on the Daffnet actually go back to the Dallas Convention in 1995 if my memory is correct.  In particular, I remember a conversation with Kirby Fong and Bob Spotts.  Kirby explained how a listserve worked, etc.  Also, the subject of the ADS Homepage being done by Nancy Tackett was discussed, too.  Kirby was particularly patient with me as he explained how everything regarding email, etc. would work.  It was then that I told them and others that I might be in a position to get ADS on the internet as one of my former students, Dr. Craig Lowery, was largely responsible for bringing Misssissipp College online.  So, I contacted Craig and told him what I wanted to do.  With the blessing of MC president, Dr. Howell Todd, Craig set up the Daffnet using generic email software.  Also, Craig make it possible for Nancy Tackett to put the ADS Homepage on Mississippi College’s server.  Because of my position as a Mississippi College professor, I was able to faciliatate bringing ADS online.  Thus, Mississippi College served as the first host of the Daffnet and ADS Homepage. I monitored the Daffnet, Nancy Tackett made the ADS Homepage a reality, and Craig oversaw the whole operation.  This continued until Craig left Mississippi College for a position in Texsas with Dell. 
Because I was in the right place at the right time, Daffnet came to be and Nancy Tackett’s ADS Homepage was soon available for the whole world to see.  I am sure that eventually ADS would have gone online in perhaps another year or two; however, as I was at the right place at the right time, and knew the right people, this resulted in MIssissippi College making the Daffnet and ADS Homepage available to whole daffodil world.  What few of any of you know is that I was soon contacted by another much larger plant society (of which I was not a member) to see if I could use my Mississippi College contacts to bring their society online.  As I felt that I had already played all my cards, I declined the request. 


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  1. Ted that’s a good e-mail for Loyce to keep in the archives. I remember those days; and how grateful we all were to you, Craig, and Mississippi College for putting us “online”.  As the saying goes ” we’ve come a long way baby” thanks to all of you who were so willing to help along the way!
    Phyllis Hess (in sunny Florida; no daffodils but my geraniums are blooming like mad)

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