Clerk’s Tray

March 23, 2009

Categories: Show Prep and Exhibiting, Shows

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I thought Fran Higgins was so smart to think of using cuttlery trays for show ribbons.  She was quick to say she had stolen the idea from someone else.  It’s still a good idea no matter who thought of it. 

2 responses to “Clerk’s Tray”

  1. Mary Durtschi says:

    What a wonderful idea.  I think that I may just have to introduce that to the two Utah shows.  I love when great ideas are shared!

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  2. Kirby Fong says:

    I don’t know if I was the first one to use them, but I did buy a set of cutlery trays to use for ribbons at the Tacoma convention in 2007. Just last week one of our members saw the trays and asked why the Northern California Daffodil Society had them stored away. I explained that we used them in Tacoma and would use them again at the national show in Murphys in 2010. I was delighted to see the photo posted on Daffnet that shows them in use; that explains it all.
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