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March 5, 2009

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I have worked like a crazy woman every day, after work, this week to get my backyard garden cleared of last years leftovers. My first crocus & reticulata iris were just starting to bloom and I wanted them to wake to a clean home.  I had gotten everything finally cut back & removed when the wind blew in about 50 tumbleweeds overnight.  I removed them, climbed up on the roof and took a few pictures of the clean yard. I then waited for the storm to hit last night.  Here are pictures of the before and after the snow.

We’re finally getting some warmer weather in SW Ohio and I have a lot of garden clean-up to do too, Mary. Unfortunately, after the hurricane in the fall and the ice storm last month, most of my clean-up work is going to involve the chainsaw and wood shredder before I can start looking at the flower beds.  The tree service company was here this morning and took down some things I didn’t have the skill to do safely and now I have dead tree trunks all around to play with. If the electricity goes out next winter, as it did three times this year, I’ll have plenty of wood for the fireplace!
Bill Lee

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