Nancy Tackett, California

New Daffnet Member

March 9, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Enthusiasts, General

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Dear Daffnetters,

Please welcome our newest member Andreana Hedges.  Andreana lives in Tuscany Italy and considers herself an amateur gardener.  She has planted over 400 different varieties and opens their garden on Easter weekend when visitors enjoy viewing between 130,000 to 150,000 daffodil blooms.  You can see some photos of the garden in the photo gallery at

Welcome Andreana.  We hope you enjoy Daffnet.

Nancy Tackett
Martinez, Calif

3 responses to “New Daffnet Member”

  1. John Beck says:

    Chris- If Jason does not get in touch with you
    (I am certain he is Lurking on this list)
    Give me a call and we can get him to
    look at what you have

  2. Linda Wallpe says:

    Hi Paul –
    Welcome to DaffNet ! I’m certain that you will enjoy the information and photos frequently posted.
    I invite you to come to the Southwestern Ohio Daffodil Show (SWODS) this weekend. SWODS is the show for the Cincinnati / Dayton, Ohio area. It will be held Saturday and Sunday at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. Our members have been out in this cold snap plucking stems madly in hopes of filling up the show tables and you should be able to see a number of new varieties. If you have any questions about location and times, e-mail me privately
    We’d be delighted to have you attend but be warned, we may try to turn you into a member !
    Linda Wallpe Cincinnati, Ohio where it’s 33 degrees and 2″ of snow is predicted overnight, so there goes the Magnolia soulangiana !

  3. Bill Lee says:

    Paul Fiamengo
    Welcome, Paul. With you just north of Dayton, I hope you will consider hanging out with fellow daffodil growers in SW Ohio. The South Western Ohio Daffodil Society combines members from Dayton, Cincinnati, and Northern Kentucky. Our show will be this weekend at the Cincinnati Zoo–bring some daffodils and we’ll show you how to enter them in the show, but you need to be there before 11AM on Saturday to make entries. Otherwise, though, you can tour the show in the afternoon on both Saturday and Sunday. And there will be many people present to talk about daffodils with.  Come join us! We’re all insane, but we have a lot of fun with daffodils.
    Feel free to contact me fo rmore information.
    Bill Lee

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