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Northeast North Carolina Daffodil Show

March 17, 2009

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On March 21st the Northeast North Carolina Daffodil Show held it’s second annual Daffodil Show in the auditorium of the Currituck County Extension Facility in Barco, NC.  The show was co-sponsored by the Master Gardener Volunteers of Currituck Count and the County Extension Agent.  It was a very successful second show, thanks to all the support from the master gardener volunteer organization in Currituck. We also appreciate all the judges that came to judge the show at their own expense. I
In addition, we had support from Dare County (Dunes of Dare Garden Club), Elizabeth City, and from the Norfolk, Virginia metropolitan area. Exhibitors came from Norfolk, Gloucester, Richmond, Northern Virginia and other areas, as well as we had one from Baltimore, one from West Virginia, and one from Gettysburg, PA
We had a large turn out from our local community and that made our small growers section very successful.  Miniatures were big time this year at the show, with a cold wet and late spring that we had, it made a great growing time for miniatures and greatly expanded our miniature section into one of the largest groupings. I never expected to have 11 entries competing for the Lavender Ribbon, and four entries for the Aqua but I loved all of them. 
All total we had at the NENCDS Show 458 exhibits entered from 41 “registered” exhibitors, and 823 stems in the show.
Gold Ribbon – Skip & Margaret Fort, Lemmon Silk 2YYW-W
Rose Ribbon – Clay & Fran Higgins, Carlton X OPS 2Y-Y #0909
Mini Gold – Susan Appel, Snipe 6W-W
Mini Rose- Clay & Fran Higgins, N. cyclamineus X Small Talk #0915 12Y-Y (Double headed N. Cyclamineus)
White Ribbon – Clay & Fran Higgins, Intrigue 7Y-W
Mini White – Skip & Margaret Ford, Mite 6Y-Y
Youth Best Bloom (The Fran Higgins Award) – Michael Driscoll, Rapture 6Y-Y
Youth Best 3 Stems – Michael Driscoll, Brackenhurst 2Y-O
Small Grower Award (The Charles and Susan Appel Award)- Carole Kemp, Ice Wings 5W-W
Historic Award – Skip & Margaret Ford, St. Keverne 2Y-Y 1934
Historic Best 3 Stems – Laura Anne Brooks, Beersheba 1W-W 123
Intermediate Award – Susan Appel, Biometrics 2Y-O
Silver Ribbon – Susan Appeal 19
Red White and Blue – Skip and Margaret Ford
Maroon Ribbon – Not awarded
Purple Ribbon- Clay & Fran Higgins
Historic Collection of Five- Elizabeth Brown
Marie Bozievich Award -Clay & Fran Higgins
Throckmorton – No entries
Quinn Award – No entries
Lavender Ribbon – Laura Ann Brooks
Mini Red White and Blue – Bob and Lina Huesman
Aqua Ribbon – Mrs. Gene Beale
Watrous Ribbon  – Clay & Fran Higgins
We were quiet pleased with the show and the number of people that turned out.  For a one day show, we had nearly 200 visitors that turned out and reviewed the show.
Next year, we hope to get more of our northern friends to come to Barco and enjoy the fun.  We have fun there and you can see that by the fact that we have adopted the “Wild Goose” as our show nickname and the fact that we award the “Wild Goose” Award annually at the discretion of the Show Chairperson.
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