R ‘Greenbank Garden’ in Glasgow

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Thanks for the pictures Ian and everyone else.
I’m looking on with great interest as I have a garden some 200 years old.  About 8 years ago I found 23 different daffodils on site, including several historics.  Names I pick up on Daffnet will be researched on DaffSeek and International Daffodil Register.
I also have access to a National Trust for Scotland place ‘Greenbank Garden’ in Glasgow which has some 500 varieties, growing in small clumps, many named,  Greenbank has a Daffodil Day, I think Sunday 5 April, for those within range, check on Google <NTS> then Greenbank then Events.  In previous years the staff and volunteers have worked hard to bring hundreds of individual (named) blooms inside for display.
George Norris  Scotland

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