Kirby Fong, California

Amity show – Premier Miniature Collection Ribbon winner

April 7, 2009

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The new ADS award is for the best collection of 24 miniature daffodils from at least 5 RHS divisions. The top row is Segovia 3W-Y, N. henriquesii 13Y-Y, 229-8 6W-Y, Jumblie 12Y-O, Sundial 7Y-Y, 231-5 6Y- Y, Xit 3W-W, and 567-1 6Y-Y (the Miniature Rose Ribbon winner). Middle row is 282-3 5Y-Y, Elka 1W-W, Hummingbird 6Y-Y, 325-2 1YYW-WWY, Bee Jay 6Y-Y, 501-4 6Y-Y, N. papyraceus 13W-W, and Oxford Gold 10Y-Y. Bottom row is Spring Serenade 5Y-Y, Gipsy Queen 1YYW-WWY, English Garden 7Y-Y, 645-1 1W-Y, 645-2 1Y-Y, 229-15 6W-W, China Gold 10Y-Y, and 173-3 12Y-Y. The exhibitor was Walter Blom. This concludes my postings from the Amity show. (The green dots on the test tubes indicates the judges’ nomination for Miniature Gold or Miniature Rose Ribbons)
If you wonder why Steve Vinisky did not have any winning exhibits, it’s because he was in southern California attending an event at his daughter’s college. Steve is also raising a lot of miniature seedlings. With him and Walter Blom in Oregon and Harold Koopowitz and Marilynn Howe in southern California hybridizing so many miniatures, we hope they’ll be able to put on a dazzling display of new miniatures at the national show in Murphys, California in 2010. And don’t forget that Nancy Wilson and Jon Kawaguchi in California also grow a great many different miniatures. And if Larry Force in Mississippi also brings his miniatures to Murphys next year, we should have one of the greatest variety of miniatures that has been seen at an ADS national show.
Kirby Fong

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