Month: May 2009

Weeds (a.k.a. Star of Bethlehem)

Star of Bethlehem is either ornithogalum nutans or, more likely, o. umbellatum. The description in Taylor says, “Widely naturalized in e. North America, where it is often an invasive pest in gardens.” I sure can vouch for that!

Star of Bethlehem

Keith and others:  Where I live in Virginia (Gloucester) Star-of-Bethlehem is most definitely an invasive WEED.  I am forever digging it our of the daffodil beds.  It seems to me it multiplies by the second!  LOL Below is something I found on the…

End of School events for daffodil folks

Daffodil folks should team up more with their local plant societies. I get calls all the time to go out and give programs with children and adults. I DO use daffodil photos in my nature/bird/plant/insect programs for the kids and…