Star of Bethlehem

May 30, 2009

Categories: General, Growing Daffodils, Weed Control

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Keith and others: 

Where I live in Virginia (Gloucester) Star-of-Bethlehem is most definitely an invasive WEED.  I am forever digging it our of the daffodil beds.  It seems to me it multiplies by the second!  LOL
Below is something I found on the internet with its official name!
Star-of-Bethlehem: Ornithogalum umbellatum
Weed Description: A perennial from a bulb that is often misidentified as a grass or as wild garlic or wild onion.   Star-of-Bethlehem has been sold as an ornamental and has escaped to become a weed of landscapes, pastures, hayfields, turfgrass, and lawns.  Primarily distributed throughout the northern United States.

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