Day: May 3, 2009


Dear Derrick and All, What a splendid color on D2487. Hope Brian decides to introduce it. My up front ulterior motive: I want it! It raises a question I’ve asked while trying to identify some of my plants with departed…

What a crowd

On the second day of the show, which is held in the parish center of my church, the Knights of Columbus coincidentally sponsor a pancake breakfast to raise money for worthy charities.   These events bring in hundreds of parishioners,…

The last of the season

The Washington Daffodil Society held its second show for the season in Reston, VA this weekend where 563 blooms were judged.    Shown here are Robert Darling, Dorothy Sensibaugh, Kathy Welsh, Jill Nielson, and Scott Bally.      

Innis Beg

Is anyone familiar with Innis Beg, a Carncairn cultivar registered in 1976? I’m helping to sort out some daffs and this one is labeled as such, but there is no photo of it on Daffnet to compare. Thanks, Becky