Chicago Show

April 29, 2009

Categories: Bulb Information, Growing Daffodils

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Just a note to congratulate everyone connected with the National Show in Chicago …it was a tremendous success and I certainly had a fabulous time. (Apart from the cruel and unusual punishment from JayDee during the auction) She has been forgiven though and all those who were present are released from their vow of secrecy regarding my purchases – my son managed to let the cat out of the bag the very next day! and I’m recovering nicely from the verbal assault from my dear wife Cherry. I am attaching a link to a few pictures – many people were interested in how we can possibly grow bulbs in the “frozen wilds of Canada” Actually our climate is very similar to Oregon with a little colder winters and spring arriving about 2 weeks behind them.
This is the website for the pictures:
place your mouse cursor over “slideshow” (upper right of screen) and then place it over “show info”
At the end of the slideshow you can exit with your back arrow and the page will give you a choice of the pictures ….click on one if you like and select “all sizes” then select a particular size if you care to download the picture to your computer.
If you would like to use my Keukenhof picture (or any other) for your computer background download the “original” size. No other use of photos without prior permission please.
and this is the label for the disinfectant Hyperox which we use instead of Formalin:
we use the 1 in 128 solution.
I will post again when I have time to look up the info on Neem oil which we are now using as a drench treatment for Bulb Fly. Cheers, Matt and Cherry Groves

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