Kirby Fong, California

Glencoe show – Throckmorton Award winner

April 30, 2009

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The Throckmorton Award is for the best collection of 15 standard daffodils with 15 different RHS classifications (a classification is a division and color code). This exhibit was staged with 3 blocks that hold five test tubes each, so the rows are not evenly spaced. Numbering the rows 1 to 6 from bottom to top, the 6th row is Modulux 2W-Y, Peach Garter 3W-WOW, and Engagement Rng 3W-WWY. 5th row is Gull 2W-GWW and Old Satin 2Y-Y. 4th row is Kabonova 2Y-P, Chanson 1W-P, and Magic Moment 3Y-YYO. 3rd row is Barnsgold 1Y-Y and 02-28-02 2YYW- WWP. 2nd row is 01-38-01 9W-GOR, 02-28-01 2W-O, and Cantabile 9W- GYR. 1st row is Harold’s Favorite 2W-PPW and Centreville 3Y-R. Mitch and Kate Carney were the exhibitors.
Kirby Fong

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